Dog Daycare

Dog Daycare at Great Valley Pet Hotel

Our Dog Daycare program provides your dog with a fulfilling, fun experience, while making new friends—both furry and human alike. We take the time to get to know your dog to ensure they feel at home and have the most fun while they are with us!  Our goal is to have them become a seamless part of our daycare family.

With 2 acres of outdoor play space and a temperature-controlled indoor play room, Daycare is offered six days a week, rain or shine. Your pet will enjoy a day of fun, attention, and companionship in a healthy and caring atmosphere. Group play is fully supervised at all times.

Our experienced, attentive camp supervisors take the time to get to know your dog and place them in the proper group based on their play preferences.

Our emphasis on personal touch enables our staff to know the different dynamics within the camp group to maximize safe fun for everyone involved!

Group of dogs running in the grass

Group Daycare

A typical day of daycare at Great Valley Pet Hotel includes two play sessions - both morning and afternoon - with a midday nap and refreshment break. Nap time enrichment activities are available upon request. Supervised by our attentive and highly trained staff, playgroups are organized by size and temperament.

Private Daycare

Our 2-acre facility offers grassy, wooded yards for our canine friends who prefer private play time. These dedicated yards allow your pet to safely enjoy the sights and sounds of Great Valley Pet Hotel and explore and run around for their individual play time.

Welcome to Great Valley Pet Hotel

Great Valley Pet Hotel is friendly, affordable fun for your furry pal. Family owned since 2003, situated on two acres of beautiful fenced play yards, we offer a full range of activities tailored to fit the needs and interests of each of our guests.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff provides loving care, and your pet will soon become like family!

Our Dog Daycare Amenities Include:

  • Two Acres of Shady, Enclosed Fields
  • Beautiful Natural Grass
  • Supervised Group Play
  • Agility Course Obstacles
  • Puppy Swimming Pools in the Summertime
  • Offered Six Days a Week
  • Naptime Enrichment Activities are available upon request
Three dogs standing on a deck

Make your pup’s day a little extra special - ask our staff about lunch time enrichment!

First time campers get a free Fun Zone Bone at lunch time!

Benefits of Dog Daycare

Doggie daycare is a safe place for your pooch to exercise, meet new friends, and spend the day having fun while you’re at work or running errands. It’s packed with activity and stimulation to keep your dog engaged, in shape, and happy.

Here are some of the reasons pet parents nationwide are catching on to doggie daycare:

Mind and Body Engagement. Left at home alone, dogs can grow bored and anxious. This sometimes leads to undesirable habits, from excessive barking to chewed-up furniture. Daycare is a healthy and safe place for dogs to spend their energy, socialize, and have fun, ready to come home for a peaceful evening at your side.

Socialization. Dogs are naturally social creatures, and daycare is a supervised environment where like-sized dogs can play safely together. Our highly trained staff encourages the best group manners to help our guests hone their social skills. Studies show properly socialized dogs have greater self-confidence and better overall behavior. And even if your dog isn't playing with fellow canines, interaction with our staff provides similar benefits!

Exercise. In this busy world, pet parents don’t always have the time to make sure their dog gets enough physical and mental exercise. When you drop your dog off at daycare, you can be certain you’ll have a well-exercised, dog-tired pup to relax with at the end of the day. Good exercise promotes weight management, heart health, and better general well-being.

Dog lying down in the grass

Make your pup’s day a little extra special - ask our staff about lunch time enrichment!

First time campers get a free Fun Zone Bone at lunch time!