Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding at Great Valley Pet Hotel

Whether you are going on vacation or traveling for work, who you trust to care for your pet is an important decision. We’re here to help– Great Valley Pet Hotel provides all the attention and care your pet needs, plus the peace of mind you deserve.

  • Cozy, private runs offer comfortable overnight accommodations - options include spacious luxury suites and family suites
  • Two Acres of secure, fenced-in fields offer ample shade for play time
  • Indoor play areas so the fun doesn’t stop because of poor weather
  • All runs include elevated, cot-style bed and a warm, clean blanket
  • Daily housekeeping with strict cleaning protocols
  • Meals served three times daily or as requested, and fresh water at all times
  • Air conditioning and heat throughout the facility
  • Strict vaccination policies ensure your pet’s health during their stay
  • Wellness checks and continuous monitoring provided by trained, caring staff


Luxury Suites

For the truly pampered pooch, our spacious luxury suites with private televisions and garden views are a great choice! We also welcome multiple family members to stay together in our family runs.

Activities are the key to your pet’s happiness. All dogs boarding with us are required to choose an activity each day. We have lots of options from which to choose for optimal fun based on your pets' unique needs! Pets sharing a suite only pay for the first activity - second or third family members enjoy complimentary exercise!

Wagging tails are the norm here at Great Valley Pet Hotel. Our job is to be the next best thing to being by your side!

Welcome to Great Valley Pet Hotel

Great Valley Pet Hotel is friendly, affordable fun for your furry pal. Family owned since 2003, situated on two acres of beautiful fenced play yards, we offer a full range of activities tailored to fit the needs and interests of each of our guests.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff provides loving care, and your pet will soon become like family!

Let us send your furry pal home smelling fresh and feeling soft after an activity-filled visit!

First time clients receive a half-priced bath for their pup. For more information, call to talk to our staff today!


Rebecca Shisler
Rebecca Shisler
April 23, 2024
We had our dog Scout stay at GVPH! She is a dog reactive senior border collie, and I felt like the staff there were very informed about that, and made sure that she had a safe stay with the least stress possible. Like many boutique pet boarding, there are a lot of smaller charges, so make sure you get clarification on that so you know what to expect! We were happy with the experience and would bring her back the next time we need someone to watch our dog.
Gerallyn Duke
Gerallyn Duke
April 4, 2024
We were able to enjoy our vacation this time so much more knowing that Beau would receive loving, attentive care at Great Valley Pet Hotel. He came home afterwards happy as ever.
Sherri Holt
Sherri Holt
March 12, 2024
Visiting from out of town for a few days, Great Valley pet resort was very accommodating. They did not require a pre visit. My dog loved it.
Vijesh Kamath
Vijesh Kamath
March 10, 2024
They did a great job with giving bath and nail cutting service to our Labra-doodle. He came back fresh and radiant!!
Julie Gunderson
Julie Gunderson
March 8, 2024
If you are looking to board your dog, I highly recommend Great Valley Pet Hotel! We boarded our dog there while we were out of town for a week. She is almost 10 and has never boarded at a kennel, only in home. We didn’t know how she would respond and were so pleased to get frequent updates on her wellbeing including pictures of her enjoying time with staff members. We were beyond impressed with the care and attention she received and we will board her there again for our next trip. Thank you Great Valley Pet Hotel!! Lula loves you!

Dog Boarding Activity Options

Because canines are so social, activity and human interaction is key to their happiness and well-being, especially while away from home. All dogs boarding with us are required to choose an activity each day. We have several activities and enrichment options so you can choose which one is right for your dog. Each client is able to tailor their pet’s stay to do different activities each day if they wish.

Day Camp

For the social dog who enjoys playing with others, our day camp offers play with dogs of like size and temperament in one of our spacious outdoor play yards. Exercise begins with a morning play session, followed by a 2-hour nap time between 12:00-2:00pm. During nap time your dog will be brought indoors for a snack and quick rest. Once rejuvenated, your dog will enjoy a second play session with his or her new friends. Day Camp is supervised by a trained day camp monitor at all times and includes up to 5 hours of play!

Extra Outings

For the independent pup who enjoys getting outside to explore, this provides individual play time in one of our fields for 20 minutes twice a day, morning and afternoon.


For the human loving canine, a ten-minute, one-on-one session with one of our caregivers will allow your pup to stretch their legs while enjoying their favorite activity. Sessions may include taking a walk, chasing a frisbee, playing fetch with a tennis ball, or enjoying quiet snuggles.


  • Puzzle Feeder - your pup’s meal is served in a puzzle dish for mental stimulation
  • Fun Zone Bone - the ultimate 3-in-1 toy: nylabone, rubber ball, and pressed chews

Tuck-In Service

One of our caregivers will spend 5 minutes one-on-one with your pup for a bedtime story and treat.

Let us send your furry pal home smelling fresh and feeling soft after an activity-filled visit!

First time clients receive a half-priced bath for their pup. For more information, call to talk to our staff today!